Instagram Video Downloader

IG downloader is a tool to help you quickly download instagram reels, videos, and photos on any device like mobile, tablet, or computer.


Photos Downloader

Instagram photo downloader provided by ig-downloader is an easy and valuable tool for saving images from Instagram posts. Our tool lets you download a single photo and multiple photos from a user's account.


Videos Downloader

IG-downloader is created to get access to IG videos from your page. It supports single and multiple video downloads from users' posts.


IGTV Downloader

This tool also supports downloading long video types in the IGTV. You can download this type of video to return to watching later in offline mode, even after that particular video is deleted from IGTV.


Reels Downloader

Download instagram reels within seconds with the help of our ig-downloader. It will help you to download your favorite reel videos.


Please follow the below steps to download your photos, IGTV videos, and reels from Instagram.


Copy the URL

Open Instagram and copy the URL of the video, photo, reel, or IGTV.


Paste the URL

Go back to ig-downloader, paste the copied link into the input bar, and click the download button.



After clicking the download button, you will get several quality options to download as required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just by a few quick steps, open the Instagram application on your smartphone then, click on the three dots given in the right corner of any video of your choice then, copy the link and paste it here on this site ig-downloader.org

You can save the video on your Instagram account, but you'll be unable to watch it later offline without downloading it, as Instagram doesn't have access to it.

Yes, downloading videos from ig-downloader.org is tremendously safe and secure.

There's no need to sign in or log in to download videos from Instagram. You can download videos, photos, or stories directly by pasting the copied link to ig-downloader.org.

No, there is no requirement for any paid subscription to download videos from Instagram. It's a free website from which you can easily download any video just by coping the link and pasting it on the ig-downloader.org

You can easily find the video in your gallery or file in the downloads or videos folder.

No, You cannot download any videos from a private account.

First, open the story, click on the three dots in the right corner, select the option copy link, paste it on ig-downloader.org, and click download. You can easily find the video in your gallery or file in the downloads or videos folder.

Open the reel as per your concern, then click on the three dots given in the right corner, then select the option Link and paste it here in ig-downloader.org

ig-downloader.org is the most trusted and secure Instagram Video Downloader for all users.